PC/Mac Champion Ladder Rules - Season 27 - Starting Sept 14th, 2019

Due to an unfortunate miss click Season 26 was closed prematurely. Season will start as of this notice. End of season will be October 30th, 2019

Apologies for the inconvenience.

New trial for season 27 as well.

To facilitate more games played during the last 2 weeks of the season while maintaining a concession rate of 20% or less.

There's about 300 coaches every season that contribute to more than 50% of the games played. However the concede limit does not take into consideration the amount of games played. Thus applying the same rule to coaches that in spirit abide by the rule hurts them simply because they contribute more to the number of games played each season.

However enforcing additional concedes at a set number of games would increase the workload for the admins. Any additional work especially when issues arise with when a player crosses the threshold could potential cause a bottleneck in administrivia.

Each season is 6 weeks long
Each coach is granted 5 concedes each season

Proposal PC Only:
The concede rule will still apply up until the 28th day of the season
Within 24 hours one final ban check will be done with the 5 concede limit.
- If you exceed 5 or more concedes you will be banned for the season
However the last remaining days of the season each and every coach who has not been banned by the 28th day will get 2 additional concede opportunities.
- From the 29th day to the end of the season if any unbanned coaches exceeding 7 concedes or more they will be banned and will not be eligible for the cup
We will trial this next season with the intent of keeping players who survive and honor the 5 conceded limit with 2 additional concedes. Though it will inevitably help both active and less active players it will benefit coaches who want to play in the last 2 weeks of the season by giving 2 additional concedes. The objective is to maintain the 20% concede rate while increasing games through the season's entirety and near the end of the season.

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Hey, I've been unfairly banned for 2 weeks. Do you want to listen to me? I feel very bad and very disappointed with you and I am going to start to defame and actively annoy you as you do not help me, thank you.
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