Couple o' bug reports & feedback
  1. In replay mode, I keep having an error out of the blue which when I press enter, forces me to the menu, effectively letting me not do anything with replays. Attached the error in question with this image. I love taking photos with Ansel so this is pretty frustrating.

  2. As a request for replays, as far as I understand, replays are saved somewhere to a server of some sort, which means we don't have physical access. This means after 40 days, give or take, they'll be cleared and we lose the replays leaving us unable to ever work on something, or our favorite moments. Combined with some problems, I've lost replays that I wanted to capture screenshots in, again, being pretty frustrating. Would it be possible to offer us a way to download & save them on our hard drives so we could keep some of them forever?

  3. Having camera stuck on somebody else from spectate mode after respawn. Video is pretty self explanatory. My camera is stuck on a different player in first person mode, while I am somewhere else with my binoculars out. Fixed by entering the pause menu and coming back in-game. Demonstrated in the video below:

  4. Less a bug and more just feedback. Having some sort of failsafe at map vote screen so two exact same scenarios can't be on screen at once, giving essentially 2 of the same event. Demonstrated in the image below, two of Hillside as Security in Checkpoint mode.


  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug but I should slap it on here. Sometimes the replays don't seem to get saved and pretty often from a session of 6 games or so, only 3 might've saved. The number varies, but there's definitely replays going AWOL.
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  1. Some further bug reports confirming what others have reported. No suicide bombers/IED class seems to be spawning on normal Checkpoint mode, only Hardcore Checkpoint. Did not try Hillside playlist.

  2. Not sure if intentional or oversight but the last objective as Security in Checkpoint mode, has weird cap zones, extending all the way outside the building in a very specific spot, images below: 20190916064531_1.jpg 20190916064537_1.jpg

  3. Gas masks, incendiaries seem to be floating below player(s), image below: 20190916033141_1.jpg

  4. Weird seams inside Security's Bravo objective (2nd) in Checkpoint mode, on the walls, probably in other modes, too. 20190911012817_1.jpg 20190911012803_1.jpg

  5. Some of the backpack equipment in the truck ride appears to be floating behind the players, outside of the truck, also notable clipping with the goggles/headband variation combined. This might've been from the last patch actually, before 1.4 and the hotfix, but just in case: 20190909051215_1.jpg

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Hey @Olanov,

Thanks for the report. I'll pass the list on to the team.

the messed up capture zone on F on Hillside is damn annoying... hope this can be fixed in a bugfix release in between instead of the next content update! ✌

Let me add to the bug reports:

Ear rings when firing the anti-material snipers for long period of time doesn't occur.