Frontlines playlist dead, please bring back old matchmaking system where we can tick modes we want - or give us back the push/frontlines combo

When the new update came out, the playlists were great, but now its impossible to find a game of Frontlines because no one SPECIFICALLY picks that playlist, mainly because it fell to a small population for a brief time.... and now it's stuck like that....

The ground battle mode that mixed push with frontlines was BRILLIANT because people could easily vote for the next match to be frontlines. But for some reason you guys took it away in the recent post update patch. In fact, its reached a point where things were better before the update when people could tick what modes they wanted. In that case, it was actually possible to find a game of firefight and skirmish too... but now because of this change in playlist style they are dead modes. Nobody wants to play them because no one is playing them, it's a cycle.

Please can you guys do something ASAP. I would love to play these modes again because they are awesome and you've done a great job on them. The "pick one gamemode only" style of playlists is not right for a smaller title like Insurgency Sandstorm.
It needs to go back to a Titanfall 2 matchmaking style where we can tick multiple modes, its the only way we can have a chance to experience the game in its entirety
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Letting people play the game modes they prefer is the way to go. If you cant find a game of frontline then nobody wants to play frontline. Remove the game mode.

I haven't seen frontline sitting at 0 players and was around 100 players late last night. Thats plenty of people to get a game.


That's 100 players globally (probably 10-15 in your region), and players will pick the mode with the most players 99% of the time, so no, you're just thinking of yourself once again.

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@cxmplex I'm thinking I paid for the game and I should play the mode I choose.

The 100 was late night and is more during regular hours. Stop being so dramatic. You can get a game of frontline easily.

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@MLB7 You're missing the point. There are clearly other people just like me who aren't playing frontlines because we physically can't. If people could actually vote for frontlines, then they would... because I would