Thanks for removing the frontline/push combo!

Thanks so much for removing the combo playlist which forced your playerbase to play modes they didn't like. There are many more people interested in push. With games taking a half hour forcing someone to play a mode they don't like can ruin their game time in a big way.

Well my game is "ruined in a big way" now since Frontlines is unplayable because now we don't have the option to vote on it. People just automatically pick Push rather than Frontlines because they can't be bothered queing for Frontlines which does the players (like me and others on these forums) a dis-service because we actually want to play Frontlines.

Strange because you posted this shortly after I (and one other player) made a post asking for it back
It's weird that you have this anti-frontlines agenda, trying to shout over the players that actually like the mode

The problem would be fixed for all of us if they just brought back the "match preferences" system where we could TICK and filter our preferences rather than having to pick one mode only
Additionally the map vote should be a mode vote also

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@Astronaut_Watney You are being dramatic. What time of day can you not get a game of frontline? I joined a frontline match when it said 51 players at 2am.

Also, I'm just trying to let them know that the few of you who have been vocal do not represent everyone. In game there were many who didn't like other people having control over their game time.


Post the replay ID of the game you joined, because I'm 100% sure you're lying 🙂

It's tricky - I think NWI definitely did the right thing by separating the playlists, though I do find it odd that at the end of a game, we cannot vote to play other types of games. Maybe after 3 push games a consistent group of players might want to try a frontline. These discussions and negotiations take place (often loudly) inbetween rounds, and having the flexibility to choose would be nice.

The balance seems to be - give players the choice. Give players the choice what game mode we want to start in, and give us the choice as a server group to choose what mode we want to switch to, whether it be Push, Frontline, or Skirmish.

@Aslan14 or...just let people who feel like playing a certain game mode leave and go to that game mode leaving the other people to play what they wish to play.

@mlb7, I hear you, that is how it is now. I do admit one out of 10 games I might want to play frontline, but I would rather stick with the same group if we are playing well together, and I have seen the Frontlines queue essentially non-existent on prime PM time in California.

Remember in INS2014, you knew what kind of server you were on. If it's an NWI server, you have Push and Skirmish as voting options post-game, if it's a custom server, it was usually one mode only. Occasionally as group of players who are doing well together may want to vote a new mode in, even if they chose another to start.

Not a big deal for me either way - Just observing that the theme of a lot of the feedback is - don't make choices for the players and what mode to play and how to play it. TDM is a great example - I liked it a lot. Sometimes I want Frenzy, sometimes I want TDM, but it's no longer an option.