The suffering of Constantin

So far I am enjoying the game, and I have yet to run into problems. However with this new mission I am experiencing major glitching. Of the choices that you have I chose to go to the native village. This will then put you on a path that you have to help out the Natives to get what you want, and it’s pretty simple.

However, during this mission after I blew up the 3rd Tenlen Nest like I was supposed to, it didn’t pop up with that part being complete. I have already gotten the other parts of helping the village done, and I have looked over the entire landscape of the area to see if maybe the Great Tenlen dens nest wasn’t the 3rd one, but to no avail.

So if any devs are reading this could you please address the problem with this quest. I know that I could just continue on to a different mission, but because this is Main story, and I am doing a native favored play through, I would like to be able to complete this part.

Thanks for making a great game, and I hope that you’ll be able to workout any and all problems that arise.

Same issue completed all subquests but no 3rd nest to be found. The quest marker is on the native girl whos sister died indicating she is the 3rd nest, if I interact with her she just says 'thanks for helping put my sister to rest.

Any word on this as it is a main story quest but not sure what to do here?

Found the solution the 3rd nest is not marked it is to the west of the village in the south west bottom lefthand corner of the map. Happy haming 😉

The nest that can be found in the caves does not count as one of the three. There are three others, the quest ones, in the outside area.