Personally, the majority of Chinese localisation is well performed and polished, better than most Ubisoft games. However, there are a few issues which can be corrected for enhancing the (first) impression of Chinese speaking players. For example, some users suspected the whole translation was bad due to the typos in the menu options, which should be dispelled via update.

Version 1. Timestamp: 201909170313

  1. Mistakes.
    (1)"m" in skill descriptions.
    alt text
    All the m in skill descriptions are translated as the abbreviation of "minute" which should be "metre". Actually, there seems no duration of buff/debuff using "m" as a time unite. The correct translation should be "米" instead of "分钟".

(2) Typos and misunderstandings in menu options
alt text
背部 should be 返回 or 后退, 保存并出 shoule be 保存并退出.

  1. Suggestions
    (1) Annulus instead of ring
    alt text
    The Divine Magical Ring is translated into Divine Magical Annulus in Chinese but the ring means what a person wears on their finger
    Therefore, the translation should be 神圣魔法之 instead of 神圣魔法之.

Further suggestions will be submited once I found more.

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