Hello, I've had two strange bugs happening to me, both related to the inventory.

The first is the apparition of a "phantom" range weapon in my inventory, giving me a notification that I have a new one, but it doesn't appear when I go check the inventory. I tried to remove the notification by buying a new range weapon and viewing it in my inventory but it doesn't work either. I don't know when this notification appeared in my inventory.

I think the second bug happened when I changed items in my inventory quickly right after a cutscene. After that my character's model disappeared, leaving me with only my helmet. I can reequip my armors, but not the weapons. Trying to equip my Weapon A tells me I cannot since it is already equipped, with Weapon B the game simply crashes. Drawing my weapons also crashes the game.

I've been able to bypass the second bug by reloading a another save, one right before the dialogue that caused the bug, but not the first. I've uploaded an archive of my saves here (uploading them with the message always fails), the last autosave has both bugs, the one juste before has only the first bug (phantom item).