[solved - not a Bug] - impossible to complete a side quest

Hello ! I'm somewhat of a completionnist, and tend to cover all sidequests befor emoving forward.
But alas, I'm stuck at the final step of a quest "Les Marchandises du Denier" (yeah, I play in french 😃 )
Talking to the adequate NPC doesn't complete the quest

Is there a way to unstuck this ?

I had a bug previously in the same quest, but was able to circumvent it by reloading a recent save file and avoiding the bug inducing action and move on.
This time I cannot identifiy what action bugged the flow of the quest.


Here is my savegame

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You have to go to the Coin guard in New Serene on Teer Fradee to complete that quest.

Thanks a lot - the names were a bit confusing - I should sleep some more 🙂

You have a red cross were you’re supposed to ‘sleep’ the Nauts. As a fellow completionist, I can’t bare red crosses, unless you have to chose haha 🤣