Demo playback failed: replaystreamerinternal (REPLAY ERROR)

Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2019.09.17 -

I have been receiving this error every time I try to view my replays since the latest update. However, prior to the previous update, I never ran into any errors when using the replay system. Also, I noticed all of my games saved into the replay system have been stuck saying "LIVE" since the update as well. Has anyone else been experiencing these same issues and if so have you been able to find a solution?

I have really enjoyed playing and having the ability to share my gameplay with friends. I hope these replay issues are addressed sooner rather then later.

I have this problem too. I have a replay that I really want to render (I'm able to load in all the way), but a couple seconds in it has this error.

yeah, that's exactly what happens for me too sadly.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reaching out to us. This issue has been passed on to the team!