Not sure if these are specifically related to Sandstorm, but any help solving this would be nice.

Using the button combination to crouch down (left ctrl), leaning to the right (e), blocks me from using team & proximity chat (v). Proximity chat (caps lock) works fine while crouched and leaning to the right. I can crouch down and lean to the left, still use team & proximity. Using just proximity however, I am unable to, while leaning to the left while crouched.

It is especially bad in tight situations where I need to be able to communicate with my teammates and relay information, but need to essentialy expose myself or reposition to get out of lean.

If it helps, I tried using the controller to crouch, lean and then use both voice chat types and it worked just flawlessly, either way I leaned. As far as I can tell, it's certain keyboard combinations doing that, such as left ctrl + e + v, or left ctrl + q + caps lock.