Anti cheat issue

Ever since the latest update I would get kicked from matches with no other reason than saying "I've been disconnected". Now its booting me out claiming I've violated the anti cheat. I can't even load into games now. Are there any known false positives or has it just screwed me?

Came here to post something like this. I just randomly got booted from a game and now whenever I connect I get auto disconnected due to anti cheat? I've never cheated in Insurgency let alone any other game I've ever played. wtf

i have the same problem it just did it to me

You guys are not alone. Same thing just happened to me.

Same here and all of my friends as well, pretty much it bricked the game for all of us. GG, none of us use any cheat software.

Same just happened to me confused as hell.

From Steam:
We are aware of an issue where Easy Anti Cheat may be mistakenly blocking users from accessing online play. We have notified EAC and are awaiting a fix from their team. Please bear with us while we look into this situation.

Quick update, Im now able to play again.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Do you still experience the anti cheat issue?

@chaton it seemed to have fixed itself when I stopped playing for an hour. Will update again if the problem persists. Thank you!