Anti Cheat Auto Kicked

Like the title suggests I get auto kicked whenever I connect to a match. I've never cheated in a video game let alone Insurgency. I'm pretty bummed because this is pretty much the only game I play right now and I got flagged for cheating. Anyone else face this before?

Just made an account to make the same complaint. If you look at my K:D, you would never make the claim that I'm a cheater.

Yes, same issue. It just started happening.

It just happened to me. The exact same thing. Got kicked from a match. and now can't join another one due to Anti-Cheat. WTH!

Multiple players (myself included) are having this issue currently. I'm still looking for what the cause is. I've already verified my game files, and was met with this issue.

Well since just now I would say I experienced it, I was playing Hardcore co-op and mid game got kicked by anti-cheat, I don't know what it could of possibly detected but I am confused as hell. Took a screenshot of it and you can see what is open on my second monitor. Devs any input on this?image

From Steam:
We are aware of an issue where Easy Anti Cheat may be mistakenly blocking users from accessing online play. We have notified EAC and are awaiting a fix from their team. Please bear with us while we look into this situation.

UPDATE: So I got off for an hour and came back and I was able to get into a match. Maybe I needed a break lol

Quick update Im able to play again.

I just had the issue myself. I went straight here after it happened so I don't know if I can matchmake again or not.
But either than that it the timing was unfortunate, I was just about to finish up a game I would have won.

Hello everyone,

This should have been fixed. Do you still have this issue?

@chaton Haven't had the issue since, thank you to whoever handled this quickly. 👍

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