Could we have lean toggle a bit better?

Lean toggle can be very useful like if we press a lean key twice the character toggle into lean position and if we press any lean key or jump or run key the lean releases.

More options to customize our key bindings are always good.

Can you give us that devs? Thanks!

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Actually one click toggle can be good too!

Uhh theres allready the toggle lean binds, you didnt mean that?

@pasiaks74 Really? I didn't see it! Im gonna search for it.

I hope jump key also cancel the lean toggle because you usually cant jump while leaning. This can be a fast way to cancel toggle lean.

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I found the option. I think its very good but it really needs more ways to cancel the toogle. The jump key would be great because the character dont jump while leaning anyway.
I dont like the behavior to reverse toggle when hit the other toggle key but if the jump key cancels toggle it can be good the way it is.

The option to only toggle when hit the toggle key 2x could be add too because its a good option.

This new play list system is very good too, I liked it very much!

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Its a simple feature Dev's please!

Thanks for reaching out to us. I will pass your feedback on to the dev team, so they can consider that.