First of all, congratulations on what appears to have been a fairly succesful launch with good reviews. I have been interested in the game for a while and hope that it becomes a success.

I will not, however, be buying it and just wanted to chime in with my view for further games you make. For me, and I know others with me that chase achievements and trophies, having to make several playthroughs and/or make strategic saves in order to obtain all achievements is a hassle.

My OCD forces me to "complete" games, including trying to get all trophies. GIven the large number of games being published today, and my limited time, that means that I will generally not buy games which have trophy lists which will either require several playthroughs, or which require me to make saves to be able to get both trophies where they relate to different choices in the same scene. While some games allow you to save in a fairly easy manner, it still requires you to follow a guide, which spoils the experience in that you have to look up the trophies (which often contain minor or major spoilers in the title itself) plus you have to be prepared for when the trophy awarding decision is coming up.

My suggestion therefore is to try and have trophies that are awarded regardless of the choice made, to avoid the need for multiple playthroughs and/or saving at certain points. I realize not everyone may agree, but I am quite certain that while some people may enjoy having to decide which trophy to go for, or think it adds replay value, the number of trophy oriented players which are likely to pass on a more time consuming platinum is greater than the number of players who would pass on an easier trophy.

Best wishes for the game and thank you for taking the time to read!