My thoughts on the current gore system..

I'm going to try and make this as informative as i can, Plus i'm bad at writing down stuff..In this post i'll be reporting a few things i've been encountering in game since the past few days. And some suggestions for the gore system.

  • My opinion:
    Compared to DoI and Ins2 (i know it doesn't have gore.) this game has an amazing gore system which delivers very strong feedback. I personally feel like all the recent changes that have been made i.e Death animations etc. Have been amazing so far, And i can't wait for more improvements in the future. (If they plan on doing so, that is.)

  • Suggestions:
    While the gore does a pretty good job at delivering strong feedback, it does lack in a few places.

As you can see in the screenshot, Dismembered body Parts Do not have any sort of blood pool that spawn under them, Although you can see a few blood splatters.
Dismembered Limbs do not have any black spots when burnt using a Molotov or AN-M14 as Demonstrated in the video. Although i do vaguely remember this being a thing back in the beta..
I Will also mention that, When running over characters with the Technical there should be at least some decal on the front of the car.. Currently if you destroy a character's head there will a very small amount of blood splatter if there is a surface under the body.

After the latest patch, 1.4 Live characters cannot be dismembered when used Explosives Like Frag grandes, HE Shells from Grenade Launcher, RPG etc. But they can be obliterated if directly hit by an explosive. I have demonstrated this in the video.

  • Conclusion:
    Overall the game feels very good with the current gore system, The most recent Death animations that were added are absolutely amazing. Blood Decals, Blood Splatters, Blood pools etc. are really good and i can't wait until they improve them. Oh and Uh Snowjar feels really good, I personally Think it's better than Sinjar from Source. Galils feel really good and balanced, 1.4 is been fantastic so far, Keep up the good work.
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Hey @Muhammad,

Thanks for your kind words! I'll pass your feedback on to the team!

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