Bring back TDM (With these improvements)

Theres quite a lot of demand for official tdm to be back in the main menu as a permanent official game mode, i didnt really care for it however i think with the following improvements i would probably play 5 hours of it a day:

Use competive firefight layouts.
-This way players would get more familiar with comp maps and tdm could be used as warmup, therefore
getting players into both gamemodes.
-Use their static spawns. This would bring at least a bit of strategy to the mode as in fighting for map control.
Get rid of killfeed
This would further bring the gamemode more in line with the rest.
10 Minute time limit
Perfect length for warmup. Also currently the matches kinda seem to slow down after 10 minutes so this would fix that.

These upgrades paired with the current mapvote system would definetly make TDM`s comeback a very addictive one.

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I second this, TDM is way more fun that that skirmish or whatever mode that is that nobody plays, they should just replace it with TDM.