VAL/EBR are too overpowered

If you look at a competitive game in the pro scene on the DGL you will soon notice how everyone playing competitively just picks the VAL on Insurgent side or the EBR on security, sometimes you see like two guys playing shotgun because its the one hit kill on breacher class, this is boring to watch if everyone plays the same weapons, EVERY gun should get a slight damage boost, not only would this make the game more like the old Insurgency, it would also make the pro games more interesting to watch.

VAL/EBR players tend to always have an advantage by beeing able to kill in one hit.

Since you can't nerf these guns because they would then be useless, just buff every other gun.

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If you nerf them or boost everything else it will get the same result. And I don't think they are OP because they are expensive and you only got 20 rounds per mag (or 30 if u use 2 points on the ext mag for the FAL) and they have high recoil. The FAL is a battle rifle and the MK 14 EBR is a designated marksman rifle so they should be used at medium to long-range so they should be able to one hit.

List of weapons that 1-shot

SVD - All
PKM - All
M240 - Up to light armor (I think)
MG3 - Up to light armor (I think)
M99 - All
M82A1 - All
M40 - All
Mosin Nagant - All
FAL - Up to light armor
EBR - Up to light armor
G3 - No armor
M870 - All (Inconsistent)
TOZ - All (Inconsistent)
DShK - All (Technical)
M2B - All (Technical)

This is assuming the shots are hitting center of mass.

Headshots taken into consideration, virtually every weapon is a one-shot kill, but in CQB where people are commonly using full-auto, TTK is barely noticeable unless you're using semiautomatic weapons or SMGs.

Buffing every weapon up to a 1-shot kill to the chest, regardless of armor, just returns the issue seen in INS2 where individuals took the cheapest piece of gear and AP ammunition because it functioned identically to more expensive gear for cheaper. Stripping away the identity of weapon performance is not a good solution.

The players dumping points on good weapons are doing so with the knowledge that it costs vital supply that can be used on grenades, ammo, armor, secondary weapons, and attachments. Simply taking a FAL with extended mags and a vertical grip costs a whopping 10 supply points. (4+3+3). The EBR is even costlier.