Picture in Picture Scope bug.

I've just started using the picture in picture setting for the scopes and i gotta say, they look really good but some are a bit buggy i think, Especially when spectating a person that's using a magnified optic the scopes dont work at all 20190920140323_1.jpg

Here are some screenshots with all the Scopes using PiP
20190920162809_1.jpg 20190920162849_1.jpg 20190920163222_1.jpg 20190920163230_1.jpg 20190920163238_1.jpg 20190920164744_1.jpg 20190920165428_1.jpg 20190920165706_1.jpg 20190920165739_1.jpg 20190920165757_1.jpg 20190920165838_1.jpg While this does look pretty good some scopes as show in the screenshots are almost unusable because of how small the view is..

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Hey @Muhammad,

Thanks for the screenshots! I'll pass them on to the team!