Save Games Don't Work.

Auto Saving as you are running doesn't create saves. When it does, they don't work.
Quick Save doesn't work, gives you a "could not save" error, and when it does save, those saves do not load.
Story Saves are 50//50 sometimes they work, sometimes they done.

But my main issue, manual saves. You just don't know if they will

  1. save.
  2. stay saved.
  3. not disappear.

But the worst bit. Those that DO save - don't always load.

I have lost 1/4 of my total play time to faulty saves. I have followed numerous suggestions (such as; run as system admin, grant folder admin permissions despite running computer as system admin login)

But no. It still breaks. Constantly.

Example and final straw for me another 30-45 minutes lost gameplay:

I'm done with this game, I can get over reused assets, I can get over bad lip sync, I can get over aspects of the story that give the illusion of choice but then steam roll you, I can get over the easily abuse-able fight mechanics, I cannot get over this.