The Galil SAR presents something of a problem within the security loadout due to it's 5.56mm NATO caliber.

The ARM model available to the Insurgnets fills in a unique and hitherto unfulfilled niche; that of a lightweight, controllable Gunner weapon firing 5.56mm ammo, which can be used more offensively than the MMG and LMG on offer.

However, the SAR is problematic in this regard. It has a lot of overlap with the already pretty controllable M249, and comes in the same caliber and with worse mags. It also, purely in terms of stats, seems like a completely worse ARM.

The SAR also breaks the theme of the Gunner weapons in a class having different calibers for each side (M249 vs PKM, M240 vs MG3), and would be even more problematic if the RPK and M27 (both highly requested) are added, since Security would have 3 weapons in a row all overlapping and firing the same caliber (M27-SAR-M249) while the Insurgents get more varied caliber choices and thus more varied and distinctive picks for their Gunner (since the RPK would fire 7.62).

I would like to suggest that the SAR's caliber be changed to the 7.62 NATO, which would set it apart nicely from the ARM and justify the worse recoil.

This would also make the weapon as a whole more unique and allow it to give Security a more well rounded loadout, not to mention fill a role that Security did not yet possess (a light, controllable Gunner weapon in 7.62mm).

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