reading on redit you looking at redoing the ai behavior, which is great news as they are so inconsistent, sometime stupid sill presenting themselves to be shot and others deadly accurate, it makes a very odd gaming experience.

a few patches ago when you were suffering from lots of stutter when the bots where all spawning in together, it was suggested by the community that you stagger spawn them, and you did change you bot behavior, I think you moved to the UE bot behavior rather than your old custom code. You seem to have a handle on the stutterer now and seem to have reverted back.

But what we are now seeing is mass spawning of bots again, like lemmings to the slaughter, masses of them rushing, this is on hardcore servers, and very much like the old insurgency behavior not taking cover or reacting to fire.

on my server and experimenting with bot numbers, anything over 18 causes bot path flooding problems but anything under makes it too easy, increasing maxthreshold doesnt seem to work anymor, I think you have removed it, and reducing bots to 12 and increasing the rate at which they respwawn with dpr doesnt really work, you get large pauses.

can you ask the devs to look at staggered spawn again and not to spawn all 18 bots in at once.