Since buying the game during the steam sale last weekend I've been trying to play it but I cannot play it. When starting the game I get an error message which says 'Internal Server Error' and whenever I try to play a game against the AI it says there is a connection error. I've looked all over the internet for fixes and tried all the fixes I could come across as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the game several times.

None of the fixes I've tried have worked, I tried contacting the e-mail support team and they just replied with a fix which I have already tried. I've made this forum account just to try and ask what can I do to fix my error? I'll try to upload the game.000 and management texts down bellow in case that helps to find a solution.

game.000 :


(note, the management that I've posted is not the full text document because the whole document is currently about 7,619kb in size, and won't upload but after this point I think it keeps repeating with the pattern of two blocks of text with [error] traceback and one block of [info] ImbeddedServerScheduler