For players that wish to be Cup participants in the CCL - Please read.

For players that qualify or are near eligibility with the CUP playoffs: Please make sure your account's email address is valid. It also helps that it's an email address that you use and check on a regular basis.

When you qualify, we will either send an email or discord message asking you to accept the ticket and to join our discord server.

If you fail to do all three of these:
- Accept the ticket
- Join discord
- Establish communication with your opponent or an admin
We have and will continue to replace you with the best alternative available.

Thus, for any player wanting to participate in the cup it's essential to have communication responsiveness. Please don't ruin your time investment in a season by failing to respond. Also please don't delete your teams if you ever happen to be on the bubble. When someone does not respond replacements are always first come first serve and at the admin’s discretion.

Hey, I've been unfairly banned for 2 weeks. Do you want to listen to me? I feel very bad and very disappointed with you and I am going to start to defame and actively annoy you as you do not help me, thank you.
PS: Look at my published posts and help me, do your job.