I need help please

Hello, I come across this message to report some issues that are hindering my in-game experience. First of all I want to make it clear that my PC settings are not good and I am running the game on Low graphics. But I believe in my understanding that it should run better on the lower graphs.

  • Well my first problem starts right at the beginning of the mission, when we are entering the scenery on the truck my field of vision gets bugged with something I can't explain

  • The second problem I am experiencing is about the use of vehicles within the game, where if I get in to be the driver I can't see for a T Pose bug, if I go in the seat behind the driver the same thing and the right seat behind too, only in the copilot that doesn't bug
    20190920143201_1.jpg Driver
    Behind Left
    Behind Right

So idk if it is my PC that not running the gaming as the Devs want's but here is my problem,help me if you can because It's boring don't playing right.Thanks for this god damn game dude I love it ❤


@pkpure961 Remove the custom config file you downloaded off of the internet:
Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient directory and remove "Engine.ini" file.
Once you start the game again, it will recreate the file and will use default config.

Also go to Steam, Steam Library, Insurgency:Sandstorm, right click on it, select Properties then open "Set Launch Options" and remove all if you have any.