[Bugs] Pronouns wrong for Female DeSardet in MULTIPLE locations?

Is there a way to solve this bug that my female DeSardet is being called and addressed as His Excellency, My Lord, him, he, and other male-ish things during cutscenes and dialogues? Does anyone have a fix? I'm kind of curious as to if the soundfiles are there in game but they haven't been properly flagged because sometimes it looks like the cutscene pauses a moment to load something else like the file that has the male lines ready and able. I have encountered it after I finish the initial quests for Constantin and what not, but I'm hoping you lovely people at Spiders and Focus Home put out a patch to address a few of these minor things please and thank you ❤


Could you please, after that point, take a note or a screenshot of every occurrence of this bug, and send those to us ? This would greatly help us correct the issue.

You can send the files to support@focus-home.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Yes of course! I will take screenshots with a new character and send them noting where I've seen the issues in not only the subtitles but the audio! I appreciate the response guys!

This also catched my attention here and there. I play as a female De Sardet but in many dialogues she is referred to as 'he' or 'his'.
I don't think it is a huge problem though but when the voice acting also uses this it can be a bit "say-what?" now and then.

I just stumbled over this mod at the Nexus site. It seems to correct a lot of these misplaced pronouns:

Did You Just Assume My Gender
Uploaded: 23 Sep 2019 Last Update: 23 Sep 2019Author: Uhuru NUruUploader: UhuruNUru
There's multiple dialogue bugs in GreedFall, that results in female player being addressed as male, and vice versa, this is a simple method of fixing all the ...


Hello everyone,

Don't forget that GreedFall don't support mods. If you choose to go for it anyway, the game might not work correctly or the next update might break it on your side as it was not made to welcome mods.

Concerning this problem with gender applying correctly in some dialogues, feel free to notify us with footages showcasing the phenomenon throughout the game.

Have a great one!