Some questions regarding settings menu and the lack of BaseScalability.ini file for Sandstorm compared to other UE4 games.

BaseScalability.ini file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Game\Engine\Config defines the settings used in games based on Unreal Engine 4. Basically, what the ingame options (Low/Medium/High/Ultra) for various settings do. This enables games run across PCs with different hardware configurations smoothly. Sandstorm does not have that file. Are they defined somewhere else?

Additionally, other UE4 games like Squad, Mordhau, PUBG etc do not have different settings under Graphics/Video options for Texture Quality, Anisotropic Filtering and Texture Streaming Pool. Instead, the other two are defined under Texture Quality in their respective BaseScalability.ini files. They have also allocated the stream pool sizes generously instead of the presets that UE4's scalability guide mentions. Link below.

UE4 Scalability guide

The following is more of a theory as I cannot really check this game's BaseScalability file and hence maybe incorrect

So, is it possible that Sandstorm is using some default preset settings provided by UE4? The highest stream pool size the presets use is 1GB and that's what might be starving the GPUs of VRAM and thereby causing stutters and/or fps drops. Further, I think the stream pool size set in BaseScalability.ini or the same tweaked into Engine.ini might be given priority over Texture Streaming Pool selected by the player.

I have tried using BaseScalability file of Mordhau for Sandstorm with changes in stream pool sizes in different texture quality settings that would suit my GPU with 2GB VRAM. I deleted the previous Config folder in %Appdata% as well. Keeping the rest of the settings at their lowest, "Low" texture quality ran smooth enough at 30 fps. "Medium" introduced some fps drops and stutters but was able to keep up as the game progressed. "High" and "very High" suffered from stutters even though it was showing above 30 fps most of the time. But these results do not mean much considering it is a pretty weak GPU. However, it did change the lighting in the game and the muzzle flashes were much more prominent which would mean it was using Mordhau's settings file to check how texture quality was defined.

Hope this helps. In the event that this theory is all wrong, could you specify the location of file where settings are defined?

EDIT: I can run the game smoothly with my GPU, albeit at around 30fps, by tweaking Engine.ini file than the Mordhau's BaseScalability file that I used to test.

Mordhau's BaseScalability File

Ark: Survival Evolved's BaseScalability File

PUBG's BaseScalability File

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One of Squad Devs' response to a similar question regarding BaseScalability in June 1,2017

^If this is the same reason Sandstorm does not have BaseScalability file visible, then you should know the kind of tweaks to configs that Squad's dev mentions can be made even without access to BaseScalability file. The kind of settings that would give unfair advantage to someone over other players.

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@_sighduck_ said in Some questions regarding settings menu and the lack of BaseScalability.ini file for Sandstorm compared to other UE4 games.:

BaseScalability file of Mordhau

So how did you try this ... Do you take code from it and use it in the Engine.ini or in the Scalability.ini or did you copy it all into those files ...Would be interesting if this makes a difference for some people.

It'd be fantastic if we could get some of the settings from the BaseScalability file, that aren't locked by Sandstorm in place due to potential cheating of sorts, so we could tweak 'em by ourselves.

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@NJTanker @Olanov Sandstorm's BaseScalability would act as a good reference to go about tweaking Engine.ini files. Like what values to choose for r.Streaming.MipBias, r.Streaming.Boost, r.MaxAnisotropy and r.Streaming.PoolSize based on what Texture Quality sub-settings it uses under Low/Medium/High/Very High settings.

There's really no need to go about changing anything else or copy it all to Engine.ini. If anything, tweaking Engine.ini (rather than BaseScalability) should be preferred because it's easy to undo it by simply deleting the file should the tweaks bring a negative impact to performance.

You would be able to test multiple combination within the game by tweaking BaseScalability but reverting to the original file might not be as easy as simply deleting it and hope that the game will reset it to default when it restarts.

Though, this post is more about why this game did not merge Stream Pool Size and Anisotropic Filtering under Texture Quality in settings like other UE4 games and during the Beta of Sandstorm.

Video Options in Settings menu during Sandstorm's Beta (Courtesy: Karmakut)

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I see what you mean ... I hooked up with someone who was in the testing before what we have now and he had a saved version and well the Graphics run smoother .... I have been more looking into this and learning the Unreal Engine and well some issue's are standing out.

Seems there is A LOT of room to tune this game for better FPS and Stability . Looking more at it and the Hardware they say you should have to run this vs the minimal system requirements they are shooting for the newer hardware on the market vs the player base out there. And sorry people but 8 gig vid cards and SSD drives are not the base system stats right now. Cost is a big factor at this time. A Lot of people still are Quad core and 2 gig Vid cards with no HDR monitors or Vid card support. I am curious on them saying in there live stream that they will be holding off on content work and working on tuning the game ( Not the exact wording but close ) ..

But after seeing the Beta Vid and others out there on You Tube something was changed and not for the better ...

No Devs do not get me wrong it is great to plan for higher end Hardware and many AAA games are but they do not forget were the player base is. Sad to say but when Wargaming did a survey of the PC playing there game many were still Dual core 8 gig system memory and Vid cards below Nvidia GT 8800 and this was last year.