I would just like you to know that in the case that you never started In the Name of Science, before receiving the quest Attack on Hikmet - Captain Reinhild will never progress in actually giving you further steps - the conversation with the scout/soldier never happens. And even if first the conversation with the Governor happens where he discusses that you should talk to Captain Reinhild, the quest never appears in the quest log.

I think one easy remedy for this would be that after managing the issue between the natives and Captain Reinhild, that the quest sends you to report this to the Governor. I never visited him again until I got the quest Attack on Hikmet and thus never progressed the quest for In the Name of Science.

Fortunately, I had a save just before receiving Attack on Hikmet, so I was able to backtrack slightly in order to progress normally.

PS: Love the game so far, all games have bugs, you're doing great.

Best regards,