Player character must switch to last used weapon after throwing grenades

When you finish throwing a grenade in Sandstorm your character will always switch back to their primary weapon. This happens even if your primary weapon has no ammo and you've been using a pistol for several minutes. The time it takes you to then put your ammo-less primary weapon away and switch back to your pistol leaves you vulnerable and can often get you killed. This makes the use of grenades needlessly awkward and risky, and it limits the flexibility of pistols.
The obvious solution to this problem is to instead make players automatically switch to the last firearm they were using before throwing the grenade.

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I totally agree to that !

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@chaton can you tell us if there is a ticket for this issue?
a setting with Primary/Secondary/last used in the gameplay tab of the settings would be great... ✌

Hey @lt_delay,

This has been sent to NWI. If I have any feedback from them, I'll keep you updated.

This problem persists in the new 1.6 update. I hope to see it resolved soon!


In my opinion, you could also pass on that when you have multiple of the same type of nade, for example: flash, flash, grenade, that cycling between the nades should be by type, rather than individual nade. So the flashes are in the same type and only requires one click to cycle to the grenade, rather than two clicks because you're cycling between two identical nades.

EDIT: To clarify, there's no need to cycle between identical nades to get the desired nade.

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Bumping this again for post-Nightfall bug fixing

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Definitely bump. This should be a intuitive thing in the first place. Also for the nades, a workaround would be to let us re-arrange explosives, that way we can select what we want to be the first selected explosive.

This problem persists after "Operation Clean Sweep", update 1.7.1