Cannot interact with NPC - name bug?


Can I get one of the admins to pass the bug I have observed in game?
I have sent an email as well but it would be nice if someone could highlight it to the dev team. The bug is as follows - when I am about to progress in "Dirty Traffic" quest I am not allowed to interact with NPC - Quartermaster Herbert. He stands there but I cannot talk to him.

I think I have found the source of the bug as his name has a "typo", up till now his name was starting with a capital letter and now for some reason its "quartermaster Herbert" , this can be the reason for more ppl having same issue with different NPC's as I already had simmilar issue before but managed to fix it with changing save file to an older one and progressing the quest earlier. (I am not able to fix this one unfortunatelly.)

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Sorry you’re experiencing issues with the game.

Could you send us your save file? You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

You can send the files to with a few words explaining the problem, or a link to this thread and put my username in there so it get transfered to me faster.

Thanks and sorry once again.

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I have this identical issue with Dirty Traffic on XBox One X. How would I upload my save game file?
Are there any party members who should be included? No one is locked in for this quest.


I am getting this same bug with my game.

Edit: I tried reverting to an older save despite the fact that it cost me about 10 hours on my game only to find out that as soon as I started the same leg of the Dirty Traffic quest that Herbert became inaccessible again. So I tried just ignoring it and proceeding with other quests. I would periodically go back and check between other quests and he eventually became accessible again.

So my recommendation is not to go backwards, but just to continue playing and focus on other quests. It would be nice if there were some kind of notice in game when a quest becomes temporarily unavailable though.

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