September Community Update

@kingnightshadow Interesting it might be, you can't haul such load off road.
trailers like that turn this title into ETS and who wants that?

@kingnightshadow said in Community Update #2 - SnowRunner:

Nice find. Now this is a 8X8 deserving of being in SnowRunner, AWD, Diff-Lock, hell yea. Not wasting my money on that Western Star, I'm buying thing.

alt text

Anyone know if they released how much sr is going to be at launch? Also that truck looks awesome, I can't wait to see what else gets added with future dlc

@kingnightshadow I mean like how they released mudrunner then added more vehicles with dlc lol

I kinda hope grip mods come to console, like the tires that let you have so much grip tpu can climb nearly vertical walls lol. It's relaxing to just goof off every so often

Yes, this modern MKZT Volat is looking promising. I stiil like old fashioned oldies (mkzt in mr), im sure we ll have both)

But driver looks stupid, its not belaz!

@Stazco I don't know why you think the driver looks stupid (because he is barely visible), but for me the only stupid thing is he staring at the camera, which is annoying.

the game seems to be heading about the way i was thinking, but as we all know majority rules. i will have to consider on buying this one.🤔

i say exactly what i mean. the game has gone the route i do not really care for, but i am not the one to decide where the game and game play should go. that is up to the company and community, not just one person. we have gone down that road already once before and it was not good imo, if you catch the hint there. the game is growing and changes will happen which is good. some people might not like where things go, but either live with it and enjoy the game or walk away. atm i am unsure myself and will just wait and see when the time comes.

@8up-local you're saying exactly what you mean...if I catch the hint there...🤔
If I am catching that hint correctly, we are on the same boat...

All i want in snowrunner is mudrunner gameplay loop improved with new visuals and new adventures, what wev seen so far looks good IMO but cant really say much since we dont have normal gameplay video, but at the same tiem seeing this mzkt last friday really pumped me up LOL, i can already see my self immersed driving that 8 wheel monster in russian mud/snow hauling more than just logs. No matter what route they take hope there still is that sandbox experience left that we grown to love and thats what im gonna spend majority of my time playing snowrunner, trying to be as open minded as possible and i welcome new addition of money system and all the things that come with it, hope it doesnt disappoint us

man i really want at least 5 min gameplay video in next community update with hud and everything, pretty please 😇

their official store page is down... oh they are setting up pre-orders VisionsOfBeta

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@zamal Same here!Don't include spoilers!Include what we know already 😉

@Sodoma Did I hear someone say "boat"?! 😮
Are we gonna have boats in SnowRunner? 😱

@8x8 IDK, did you?
There were some boat-MODs for MR, so it is technically possible, but so far I have no clue for such thing in SR

@Sodoma Yeah I did haha 😋
Yeah I've seen the boat mods. I'm sure having fully-functional boats in SnowRunner would be really cool. Especially if these boats would be like ferries, where one player could drive that and the other could drive their truck onto it. This could be really interesting on a map where the only way for the cargo truck to get from the load-up point to its destination is via the ferry.