September Community Update

🧲 DEVELOPER! Please mirror on trucks! MIRROR OF VIEW! 🧲

Thx for update!
Vehicles presentations, weekly- great!
But it must have vehicles screenshots, not just an art! Please!

I'm lookin forward to a beta, hopefully more news on that too? 😎🙂

I wonder, since there will be a upgrade system, will we be able to upgrade useless 2 wheel drive trucks to have all wheel drive? If not then I hope greatly that we get only 2 useless semis. Irl you wouldn't take a Freightliner to do the job of a western star 8x8

Adding weak and useless trucks dosnt give your game depth and length. It makes it boring and a chore to play. I'm the kinda guy that will bring a 6x6 when a sedan would do lol

Sometimes I like to choose underpowered machines and push them to limits. At other times I choose overpowered ones and ride very aggressively for fun.
The most important thing is that there will be a lot of machines of different types in SR, so that everyone can find something for themselves.

I like the "useless" vehicles. First they are more fun to drive in bad conditions, and second they need to be rescued more often, which creates more fun. There are places I won't take a "useless" semi, but finding a way around those spots is more fun than plowing through with an 8x8.

It's true that if I were trying to clear a map hassle free I'd be using a 6x6, but after getting all my single red stars I like to create more challenges... though not quite to the degree that @Stazco does.

I do like a challenge but i also get annoyed very quickly when I get stuck over and over again. I did one star every map on hardcore with the c-256 lol just I'm hoping the focus won't be to make the game artificially longer by giving us majority road trucks. Anyone who's ever driven a road truck or seen them off-road knows. They get stuck easier then belly flopping into a mud hole. And when I go for immersion, I'd rather have natural difficulty like finding the best route not finding the closest trees to Spiderman my way through the mud. It kills it for me, like I said before. I'm not going to take a road truck in deep mud, it never had a chance. I'm take a military semi or a semi built for off road use.

Plus, it's more fun to play with when you can spin and rip and roar by choice lol

@zamal maybe a separate option. Like how PC has the test map. Go there and at the cost of no achievements get to have a full day box experience.

Am i the only one hoping they do away with the star system and vehicle limit? Cus it got annoying real quick, especially when i wanted to try bring both the big 8x8's on a single map to test against one another. I'm very excited for snowrunner, I love snow and have wanted anow from day one of the og, spintires.

Hey @Stazco, the vehicle itself is a screenshot taken in-game. Much of the background is too. The foreground is not. 🙂

wonder if snow will pack down to ice making taking the same path repeatedly harder and harder each time 🤔

@Roller if you slow down the footage of the trailer you can see the mirrors sort of work. It may become fully functional by launch.

Go to time stamp 6:25 and set the play back speed to 0.25x

@Jellyfoosh yes but still it doesnt take century to take 2-3 screenshots of truck in different environment and put it up here, does it?

Can you put more effort in these updates, maybe?! I was really looking forward to this "monthly update" and all you share is a screencap released on Twitter days prior, a truck specs picture and a f.cking gif? Come on, show us something indicative of the game's state of art.

Well guys, is not that bad either. Give 'em a break. It had some interesting stuff about they working on the profile screen. Besides, we got confirmation on working gauges and simulated truck temp. From now on we're getting weekly vehicle presentations.

I've always said that they should look up to SCS software and their blog articles with tons of screenshots, early state wip pictures and interesting stuff about the games but... they have the right to do things their own way.

" The SnowRunner wilds await you! Explore and overcome vast expanses of nature in Russia and the US. Which area do you look forward to exploring most? "

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@Jellyfoosh do u know if the vehicles and maps from MR will be in snowrunner??