Main Quest Bug - In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas

I'm currently on the main quest A Cure for the Malichor, and on the step of In Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas. I successfully found the seed and entered the cave, no issues there. Once I got into the cave, I went and explored the entire area before continuing the main objective (as I normally do). My current objective is "pursue the tierna harh cadachtas", so I finally walk up to the quest point and nothing happens, no dialogue, nothing. I walk away and walk back into the quest point multiple times, still nothing. I'm almost to the end of the cave, which takes me to a new area. I walked out of the cave into the new area to see if it would trigger the quest, still nothing. It shows the quest point still being at that spot in the cave. Hopefully someone can help me out and that I'm missing something very obvious.


Could you send us your save file? You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

You can send the files to

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Ops! I said earlier I didn't encounter any bugs. I just had exactly the same as OP.

Entered the cave and after jumping across the bridge to reach the next yellow quest sign it remains there. I tried to walk all the way out of the cave i the logical direction of Tierna Harh Cadachtas but the yellow sign was still near the bridge inside the cave.

I can send you my save file as well.


It's only the quest marker hanging.

I just continued from the spot in the cave and followed the direction across the bridge and out of the cave. It seems it's only the quest marker which is hanging.
If you continue you will soon hear conversation confirming that the quest isn't more bugged than this marker. Just continue out of the cave on the opposite site and find your target near by.

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@Mushashi7 Thank you, I can confirm what Mushashi7 says works. I am on a PS4 pro, had the same issue. Just kept going and it finally started working again.