WTF, no guns available in new BIG MONEY Coop Mode

So, i play Coop, normal + frenzy and what was the Hillside, which has just changed to BIG MONEY......
When i start BIG MONEY game, i cant use any guns, my preset loadouts wont load, i cant choose any of the classes , well, i can but each as no gun...
I cant even pick a gun, wtf ???????????
Bug in the game ? Anyone else come across this issue ?

The rules of mutated (modified) playlists are written under the playlist description when you click on it (it sits between the playlist itself and Find Match button).

The rules of Big Money are as follows:

  • Standard checkpoint layout and its rules
  • Soldier of Fortune mutator, enables supply point gain (similar to original Insurgency)
  • Broke mutator, starts every player with 0 supply points. Therefore you cannot pick anything else but Makarov and knife.

The point of these is that you have to earn your supply points by progressing through.

having guns glued to the ground is great