Ezra Shields Bug

I am unable to enter the boss fight for Ezra Shields I’m PS4 as of 09/28/19. I have the AID Keycard which several websites have stated is the required item, yet I am unable to enter the room even after using my drone on the door also. It keeps telling me that I don’t have the keycard for the door.
Unless I am missing something, I cannot progress any farther in the story and am now stuck. Would really love feedback if I’m wrong and honestly I’m hoping I am!

Have you completed Gideon’s Garden? After beating the boss there, you take the item it drops to Guttenberg in the nearby CREO Institute of Technology building. He gives you the keycard to open the door you’re speaking of, different from the other keycards you’ve found in A.I.D Command already.

I'm experiencing the same problem:

  • having A.I.D. Keycard
  • having A.I.D. Command Keycard
  • unable to open A.I.D. Command door (after defeating the 2 soldiers that guard that door)
  • used the drone to disable the door lock (on the left upper side of the door)
  • but door keycard scanner is not green but red and doen't allow me to open in with the keycard I definitely have