Surge 2 - Xbox One S Crash during Inventory Shortcut

Now that my inventory is quite large I noticed that the game crashes to the xbox homescreen and shuts down in the following scenario:

When picking up a new schematic for the first time a prompt appears that allows you to press the back button on the controller to be taken to the inventory screen to view your new schematic. Pressing back on the controller will hard crash The Surge 2.

It only occurs in the above scenario and only started ocurring during the late game when my inventory was quite large.

I'm playing on the Xbox One S

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I have also experienced this bug on PC. Most notably when I entered the Utopia Staging ground, the area right before the fight with the general, and picked up the punching gloves weapon that spawns after the second vision with all the scientists, Athena, and the general. I went to hit I for inventory and my game crashed.

Yes I think it might be roughly from that stage of the game when the crash starts occuring. It was around then for me too.

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