Blood Bowl 2 AI is not fit for purpose

I know this is old news but I've been festering for years on this.

Blood Bowl 2 dice rolls are rigged. The development team must be lying.

I think the problem is that the dev' team has not employed anyone who knows how to make decent AI for such a game. It is indeed very difficult; too hard for these folk anyway - as you can see if you play the game. The game's AI strategy almost never extends beyond "making a cage" - even on the last turn of the half; which is comical I must admit. But also its boring. Once I saw an elf pass the ball - once!

I could definitely do a better job ... and have! I don't mean it arrogantly; I just mean the bar is so damned low that my last nostril excavation serves as a better Nurgle strategy than the game's failed mulch.

So they compensate by rigging the dice - that is sad. AI design is hard but possibly the most satisfying aspect of tech dev ever. It's my passion, so this knackered version of a great dice game upsets me greatly. I want the damn job - no-one else appears to be doing it!

Dice rigging! That is shameful and tragic. I know the money men kick them in the balls daily and that there's never enough time - I'm sorry life in that organisation is so visibly awful. Perhaps GW should find a different studio for the next version and just use the awesome graphics team, voice artists and script writers; the people who didn't drop the ball just short of the touchline.

Thanks for your post Mr Johnson.

You're the last of years of posts reporting suspected issues with dice rolls in the game, and we've posted some info about how the game handle RNG a few years ago HERE.

I strongly suggest to have a look and wish you a great day!