Golden Opportunity - Fails to Complete Bug

After collecting the entire G.A.I.A set of armor, and constructing it I turned the items into Highball at the Cloud9 bar.
He advised me I had gotten all the pieces, and earned myself "one hell of a reward."
He provided me with nothing.
I assumed nothing was wrong, and that the game would trigger the quest end momentarily. I talked to him some more, sold him some stuff, then left for Gideon's Rock.
After entering the Gideon's Rock destination I checked my quest log, and the "Golden Opportunity" quest was showing incomplete.
I took a moment to google the steps required to complete the quest, and I have completed all of them. The guide also noted that "Highball" would be replaced by "Lowball"
I returned to Cloud9 and "Lowball" is now at the bar, stating "You've just missed the boss"
The quest is still showing incomplete.

Weird Aside : When I first reached Cloud9, Instead of going to Gideon's Rock, I returned to Jericho, and went all the way into aid command as far as I could go without keycards. Then I realized I was supposed to be doing Gideon's Rock first.
I don't know if doing things out of order messed up something with highballs triggers, but that's my only assumption.

Luckily, I wasnt a huge fan of Gattermer-whatsitcalled in the first game, so I'm not too upset about this. Just kills the completionist inside me 😞

I’m having the exact SAME problem, aiming to get 100% but this quest is bugged. I crafted the helmet, 2x arm gear, chest piece, 2x leg gear and sold it to him just like the guy in the underground sewers (which worked without issue) and he stated “You’ve earned a hell of a reward” yet I get nothing and the quest is showing as incomplete.

What gives?

Just to add to my initial reply :

I did this before defeating Delven in Gideons Rock but also after powering up all 3 towers to access Delven, meaning he was accessible at the time of turning in this quest (all the Gaia gear). I had also given the guy in the sewers all the necessary items before receiving the Life Hook and the regular hook and before even accessing Cloud 9. I had also YET to give the brain of Delven to the scientist in the CREO institute which I probably have done BEFORE backtracking to sell all the Gaia armor to Highball.

Just like the original poster, Highball had been replaced with Lowball who states something along the lines of “The boss is kicking butt downtown with his new armor” yadda yadda.

I absolutely love this game despite the small bugs and really hoping this will be fixed in time for my NG+ run.

Thanks again.