The current state of modding in BFG2:

We have recently had some major breakthroughs which allow us to edit core game files, add custom models and change Audio/UI/SFX etc.

What can be done at present:

  • Music Mod packs (easy to do)
  • Custom Ships/Weapons
  • Custom UIs/portraits/anything visual
  • Import Custom Models (time consuming)
  • Audio mods (different weapon sounds, custom voice lines)
  • Custom campaign dialogue + Custom layouts
  • Custom Cinematics (takes time to make flashy ones)
  • ++

If you have any suggestions or requests please let us know!
For example, it would be possible to make Star wars/Star Trek conversion mods or even a WW2 based mod (however quite time consuming).
Our resident mod experts are: Dire_Venom, Imperator, Skalgrim and Piston Miner.
If you are keen to join a project or start your own one we are happy to help coach you!

Results from current model Imports:


Pretty promising, just need to figure out how to edit hardpoints