The current state of modding in BFG2:

We have recently had some major breakthroughs which allow us to edit core game files, add custom models and change Audio/UI/SFX etc.

What can be done at present:

  • Music Mod packs (easy to do)
  • Custom Ships/Weapons
  • Custom UIs/portraits/anything visual
  • Import Custom Models (time consuming)
  • Audio mods (different weapon sounds, custom voice lines)
  • Custom campaign dialogue + Custom layouts
  • Custom Cinematics (takes time to make flashy ones)
  • ++

If you have any suggestions or requests please let us know!
For example, it would be possible to make Star wars/Star Trek conversion mods or even a WW2 based mod (however quite time consuming).
Our resident mod experts are: Dire_Venom, Imperator, Skalgrim and Piston Miner.
If you are keen to join a project or start your own one we are happy to help coach you!

Results from current model Imports:


Pretty promising, just need to figure out how to edit hardpoints

Are voice mods time consuming?

@40KTallarner said in The current state of modding in BFG2::

Are voice mods time consuming?

Depends on what your trying to do, just importing audio files into the game doesn't take long.
Searching the net to find the voices you want would take far longer than any of the modding would^

@Dire_Venom I see. So I'm not pressuring if I asked you to import the voice lines from the first game(or at least just that of Chaos and the Imperium)? They're just so deliciously ORGASMIC to hear! Especially when compared to this one's. If you played the first game you'd know what I mean. In this game the only good voice acting is in the campaign(especially the Chaos campaign) and it's not constantly with you when you press every command like the regular voice lines.

I agree, it's on my to-do list : )
(Especially the Imperial Execute voice com!)

@Dire_Venom Excellent! Your music mod is already a permanent addition to my game!


I'm interested in tweaking the experience gain rate within the campaigns. I'd like to have all the upgrades by mid-campaign instead of towards the end (this helps with mods like VI or Stalgrim). Playing in Vanilla is tricky enough especially with 200% fleet capacity. I think this would have to be something under content or data but wanted some input with this.