Streaming of season VII play off games...

Hey Xboxers, I just wondered if there is anyone who regularly streams your end of season play off games, and if there isn't, I would like to throw my hat (or boot) into the ring and offer my services.

I've been involved on the PS4 Champions League since season III, the PS4 community has a great record of promoting and streaming all of the play off games, with regulars including myself, BernieBuffon, SeriousJest, Stuntman DiDi (and others) streaming and commentating on the games. This is done mainly by way of a group chat where all the finalists are invited, and any scheduled games can be picked up by the streamers. I guess there could be a group chat set up on the Xbox the same way as the PS4, although Discord would be just as good (if not better).

At the very least I will be streaming my own play off games on the Xbox, but I would love to stream other games as well. After the effort everyone puts in to qualify, its great to get that bit of extra exposure!

Post a reply if you would like to help with streaming, commentating or just to let me know that you would like me to stream your game...


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Hi mate, I did a lot of the games last season and will be trying again this season, although we had our first baby last week so I may not get as much time this go around. Hopefully ba able to do semis and final. If you wanna stream more than yours I'm sure nobody will mind.

Sure mate, I'm more than happy to stream any play off games, and more than happy is any other coaches want to jump on commentary with me.

If coaches could let me know when games are being played that would be great.

I' m playing this Sunday my game vs Necros.

Woodies vs Necros Sunday 17:00 BST, you can stream it if you want. 😆😜😝.

No probs Drikk, I'm on it! If anyone fancies jumping on board to co commentate, then just let me know

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