Players Falling Through World

Re: Players falling through world

I've been playing since beta and only have heard about this bug from others and my brother, but never happened to me. My brother had it fixed randomly and he hasn't had a problem lately. But for some reason, as of the recent patch, I've been having friendly player models keep falling through the ground until the player moves. I have well above the recommended specs and my graphic settings are almost all at Very High and AA is TAA. (I can give more in depth if needed.) I've been playing VS AI lately and after the beginning with the truck, all models are ok. But I think when a player gets killed and respawns on obj destruction, I find their models start to have their walking animation messed up. It looks like they are hoping around but really fast. If they stand still, their models fall through the world. I've had it in 3-6 games now in the past week or so. If you need more, please ask.

This problem has been around for months.