Looking very good

In a rebutle to the other topic, i think the game is looking extremely good. Graphics and gameplay progression. New vehicles, maps 4 times as big, snow, interior views, flat tires, other vehicle damage components that affect gameplay, weekly vehicle presentations and monthly updates. The list goes on. This thread is meant for more positive thinking gamers.

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@simhunt77 Yeah, I'm with ya. So far I pretty much like what I see.

I agree I'm hyped for this game

I've been thinking how easy is to come complaining and blaspheming for all the things you're not comfortable with but, how hard it is to just lay down all good things. I mean, I've been craving for an economy and missions system to give a sense of progression to the game. I'm excited to try out the new environments wich look sick to my eyes etc. yet, I just posted a one line sentence about it.

So devs, keep it up. You have my support (Except for the epic store thing. I'll deal with it later.) You're going in the direction I wanted the game to go and I know there are people that think the same. It's just not natural for people to come here and show love for whatever reason.

Never said I wasn't happy lol I'm excited for snow runner. Snow, it already had my buy for that.