Haha - my post is queued for "approval"

You guys must get a lot of honest posts about how TERRIBLE your game is or you are afraid of those who purchased the game. Seeing this is the type of gaming company you are running - I will NEVER purchase another one of your games...ever. Losers.

Hello, the very first message of every account posted in the forum is manually approved by our community management team.

It is meant to block the many spam bots trying to flood this hub every day. Nothing to do with the content of the message. We approve everything but spam.

Once the message is approved, you can post as much as you want, as long as you respect the forum rules.

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I dislike this type of behavior. Just let us post. Thanks.

You do realize pretty much every forum out there does this for the first post from a new account right? It lets you post normally after the first post is approved...this is an absolute necessity, forums would be flooded with bot garbage if it wasn't done.

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A remark like this without substantial argumentation have the direct opposite effect, drakhan2002. You know that, right?