For those who want to host custom servers with a GUI config

Since the Sandstorm Server Assistant program seems to be dead I found myself in search of a new tool to meet my needs to server setup. I have found a solution that works really well and even works with Linux. The SandStorm Server Wrapper!. This tool is built off of Ruby and will create a standalone web server that you can access via any web browser. You can have it set to only be accessible from system its running on to your entire local network as well as remote access from the web. It uses open SSL and generates a private cert as soon as you start it. I have also built an Ansible deployment tool that will allow you to deploy the tool and all needed libraries and even in stall ruby for you. My tooling only works currently for CentOS 7 at this time and can be found here. If you have question about my ansible deployment tool let me know.

Cool tool but sadly useless for us because we run windows servers.

Nice that's pretty damn cool. Thanks.

It's really good thank you for sharing.

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There is always this:

It's not quite what you are after but it is pretty cool - if I say so myself 🙂 Plus, it's FREE!