Game crashes, unplayable, where to report bug?


I'm playing Call of Cthulhu on Nintendo Switch.
At the end of chapter 5 there seems to be a bug that makes it impossible to proceed.
You try to exit the sanatorium and you will get into the video sequence with Sandler (or what the name was), there seems to be no way around. At the end of this sequence his neck is broke, at this point the game crashes.
This happens no matter what dialog options I chose. There seems to be no way to proceed after chapter 5.

Is there a known solution or where the hell can one report bugs for Nintendo Switch games? I can't seem to find a suitable support address.

Thanks for help.

I am having the same exact problem. How is the developer going to fix this problem?

I'm having the exact same problem in the exact same place... it's like i wasted my money 😕

If there are any solutions, please tell us

I'm also having the same problem with the nintendo switch. It seems to be when the scene is complete in chapter 5 and it tries to save. The game crashes.