It's more manageable when your team has some actual value, but nothing makes me want to play less than repeatedly trying to start a team only to get matched vs 1400-1500 Chaos/Dwarves/Orcs with a noobie Elf or Human team that can barely defend themselves. It's basically "concede or waste an hour because your blockless, no apothecary baby team is just going to end up retired by a wall of guard and mighty blow"

If I spin with a 1500 team and a 1000 team, the damn matchmaking should be smart enough to put the 1500 against another 1500 instead of the 1k. At this point I'd rather not find a match than get matched with a 1500TV team with my <1000 unskilled noob team.

Not being able to spin multiple teams or a having an intelligent matchmaker is something I hope you guys address whenever you make Blood Bowl 3. Like the relatively low, niche playerbase wouldn't even matter if the matchmaker was decent because spinning multiple teams would artificially increase the available pool of matches.

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