Is there any way to make sure everyone in the team gets some points from blowing up a cache? in COOP.

Cause now it is a one man jobb, first one to it wins.
Everybody rushes it!
Or at least the players that has played the game for a bit.
Those that are new to Coop or people that lag behind gets left behind.

Doesn't matter if i manage to blow it up across the map with autocannon strafe run or a rocket, or rush the cache with a molotov/C4 and blow it up.
Nobody but the one blowing it up gets points for it.
Doesn't matter if the entire team are next to the cache or nex to the one blowing it up, they get nothing at all.
Unless the mange to damage the cache a bit, but then you need to molotov befor it blows.

Molotov is the only sure way to "share" a cache right now.
You can't just shoot the cache to get in on it.
You need the molotov it or maybe throw a grenade on it to get some points, if you manage to get to it before it blows.

And this make it for even less teamwork and more for the lone wolf rushes tactics.
And there is enough of rushing in this game mode as it is and to little teamwork.

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