Bug preventing final main quest from loading - halts all progress and breaks game

I'm about to start the final quest, and the next step is to gather the companions before proceeding. It has to be at a specific camp, though, not just any fire. So I go to the required camp, summon them, watch a cutscene play out, and then the loading screen appears, and after a few seconds the game just freezes on the loading screen. Every time.

I've tried traveling to a different camp and walking to the required one. I've tried traveling to the required camp and sleeping, then summoning the companions. I've tried summoning them at other fires (they appear, but the cutscene doesn't trigger). I can always summon them at the required fire just fine, but no matter what I do, as soon as the cutscene ends and the loading screen appears, it's just a matter of time before the game freezes.

Please help. I'm so close to the end of the story, and (many) bugs aside, I have loved this game. I've finished every companion quest, won over every faction. I'm so, so close. But this is breaking the game for me and preventing me from finishing the main story.

Hello @danielwcarlson

Have you tried to dowload the game altogether again? This will probably fix the issue.
If it doesn't, would you mind sharing your save with us so that we can check it out?

Have a great one!

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I deleted and reinstalled the game (I'm using a disc, playing on PS4 Pro), and the same bug occurred.

How do I share my save with you?

Hey @danielwcarlson
You will need a USB Key to export your saves from a PS4. You just need to go to your options on your PS4 and start exporting the saves. You will find a tutorial here.