Hey guys, we’ve decided that for the CCL Season 27 Cup we are going to trial moving to a 16 team competition.
It’s been increasingly hard to get 32 reliable coaches for the Xbox tournament, and we think that this will create a healthier environment for those who want to participate, to do so.
We want to continue to promote racial diversity in the cup — so we’re introducing tiered qualifying groups based on race. Tiers 1 to 3 will have three qualifying spots each for the top ranked race from that tier on the leaderboard. Tiers 4 and 5 have two spots each and there will be 3 wildcard spots for a total of 16.
We hope that this will give everyone the chance to qualify with the race that they want to play, while not requiring us to plumb the depths of the 0-0-1 Kislev teams to find a cup participant...
This is a trial, but if it works out we will adopt it going forward. The fine details, like which teams appear in which tier, and the amount of qualifying spots per tier can be tinkered with as we go on.
Comments and feedback appreciated!

Tier 1
3 highest ranked qualifiers from Chaos Dwarf, Chaos, Nurgle, Wood Elf, Dwarf (max one per race)

Tier 2
3 highest ranked qualifiers from Dark Elves, Skaven, Orcs, Undead, Lizards, Necromantic (max one per race)

Tier 3
3 highest ranked qualifiers from Amazons, High Elves, Norse, Humans, Elven Union (max one per race)

Tier 4
2 highest ranked qualifiers from Brettonians, Kislev, Underworld, Khemri, Vampires (max one per race)

Tier 5
2 highest ranked qualifiers from Ogres, Halflings, Goblins (max one per race)

Plus, the top 3 qualifying wildcard teams (total of a maximum of 2 teams per race in the tournament)

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I was expecting to get an invitation for my Elven Union team (Elfheim Eighties) as the third place Tier 3 team, but never received one. Did the rules change?