Re-order map objectives

In some games last night I wandered around, players vs bots, and noticed that much of the map areas are unplayed but great detail has been laid out in these areas. So I thought it would be great to re-work map objectives into these areas and rename the map. Gives players newness to the existing maps without having to start from scratch on new maps.

Always welcome new maps but again a lot of map areas can be played on exsisting maps.


It would be good it they game could randomize the objectives or something, so we visit different spots in the map. The same old 5 or 6 objectives get stale after a while... Feels too linear.

Thank you for your comment. I send your idea to the developpers. 🙂

+1 for random objectives or at least random caches... Ideal would be if the location of the random objectives/caches don't show up in the hud, map and compass, only the area where to search. Radius 25-50m...

Another chance to see more of a map would be another layout/scenario. Hideout for example has a lot of unused map in checkpoint, the map could easily get another scenario...


Second randomized objectives at least for coop. Have a collection of possible ojectives and the game picks a bunch. The maps are big enough that each point can have at least 2 possible objective locations or 3 if you're a bit more loose with placement or willing to double back. Add random hold/cache and bam, near infinite maps.

Even if current maps could randomly flip hold/cache would be a boon.

100% thumbs up for this.