PVP Hardcore

Why not add another pvp mode (but competitive), more points to take but slower gameplay (like hardcore coop). slower steps, more objective oriented. lets say 10vs10 for now as maps are big in the game.

died ? re-spawn when point taken and without full eq.

reason why im saying this is: in competitive gameplay pvp ppl are rushing and gamplay can get to let's say "less immersive".

take "rushing like csgo B style" out - and just try to make that mode and ppl will start coming back here. in previous version of insurgency ppl were more tactical. here is based on who will take point faster. not smarter. throw meat and maybe win. and that's the reason game is started to be more boring and predictable.

its ofc for scenario like push only for now. it would be easier for developers as they have bots in place but instead bots - put real players.

maybe less points - but u died and ur team didn't take point? game over. make it more hardcore(again) if u can.

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Thank you for your idea. I send it to the developpers. 🙂

in addition to that as an argument:

think of this like that:some ppl like when game is hard and you'll have 2x scenarios.

  1. some1 playing that mode -gets killed every round in same spot on the road, now he will choose another path- same thing, player start to think - why is that all the time? maybe I need smoke, or stay with teammates or call for air support with good timing. or just not cross that road like rush b style. Harder gunships too they are way to ez to take off the sky.
    sustain pressure in the game.

that sense of realism is what game needs - take a player and force him to think about gameplay

  1. oh too hard I'm newbie - let's play less competitive but it will leave that sense that there's more advanced gameplay around the corner and if he have liked how sandstorm is as a game he will develop skills necessary to play more with more advanced players with bigger satisfaction.

ppl need that 1x shot 1x kill like we had in source version. I had same feeling when I started old one- that I didn't know how to play and that made me looking how i can do

also it might reflect on non-competitive scenarios. some1 who knows how to play will be badass in lower skill demanding gameplay and others will see it also.

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